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  1. Latest image edited:
  2. Thanks!
  3. Do you want a design? Use this format to request one: My portfolio
  4. waiting

    Players: -|TG|- players: - V1SH4L'~' - SIISTI'~' - FoundeR - AlieN - Default437 - (reserve)NoNameZ - (reserve)RHYPZ - (reserve)Roddy - (reserve)TonyxO - (reserve)Dubst3p 7E players: - NoType - UkF - JonithO - ScoreX - NICHOLAS - (reserve)ShuX - (reserve)MonTy - (reserve)ZeeT - (reserve)AquiL Maps: -|TG|- maps: [DM]Andershell V4 - Pure Skills Paradise DM]Jackss ft Padraig ft ReazZon - Remember [DM]Gus V.7 - Needed Skill [DM]Cheslav.ft.Secondft.iRaven-Greenpeace [DM]Coon ft. V1SH4L'~' - Coosh4LProject 7E maps: FakeDeath V8 SpeedRun 3 KnOwN v12 Shockwave v7 Beast Mode SebaS v16
  5. We will only play cw in our server!
  6. I already tried before to install a system like that, but I had problems, so I give up. But now, if some know how to do this shit, tell me.
  7. unofficial

    Everyone know that.
  8. Hello ladies Today we changed our login system, now its connected with our forum's database. To login you need have an account in forum. We also deleted all accounts and reseted the userpanel! (sorry) NB: To login, use your forum's username and password! (thanks anony for this amazing system) About the official server: Today I'm sad to say we lost our developer, but we will try to find a new one and continue the progress, until that ShuX and NICHOLAS will try to help us. (if you are a developer and want join us tell me in pm)
  9. unofficial

    Hello ladies! Its a template, edited by: Monty
  10. Ohm, thanks guys, I will make a new one!
  11. Did you liked it? Skype:
  12. Hello @NICHOLAS, good to see you, welcome.
  13. Great track, loved it. Good luck
  14. Hello ladies. Download: Download: Bye
  15. Yeah, It's a old map and the deco is a shit, I just did it for the video