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      Hey guys !

      We have now decided to become partners with MTASource . Who will provide us with stuff like maps,etc for our server and more. So in case you guys are interested in searching for maps/scripts. Please visit MTASource !

      Visit MTASource!

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      Hello ladies

      Today we changed our login system, now its connected with our forum's database. To login you need have an account in forum.

      We also deleted all accounts and reseted the userpanel! (sorry)

      NB: To login, use your forum's username and password!


      (thanks anony for this amazing system)

      About the official server: Today I'm sad to say we lost our developer, but we will try to find a new one and continue the progress, until that ShuX and NICHOLAS will try to help us. (if you are a developer and want join us tell me in pm)